Air Duct Cleaning: Beneficial or Unnecessary?

The EPA published a report on air duct cleaning in October 1997, which noted that “knowledge about air duct cleaning is in its early stages.” Because of a general lack of evidence, the EPA believes, “it is impossible to generalize about whether or not air duct cleaning in your home would be beneficial.”

The evidence the EPA is talking about, of course, is “studies,” which have yet to adequately determine whether dirty air ducts contribute to poor indoor air quality or whether duct cleaning can prevent health problems.

G&G Indoor Air Services, a Philadelphia air duct cleaning company, urges all potential customers to make informed decisions based on their home’s or business’s specific conditions. The EPA report is a great resource, but as the EPA admits, it is based on incomplete knowledge.

Since the EPA’s report, twenty years ago, the air duct industry has grown appreciably. In 2005, in a report prepared for the EPA, a researcher estimated the industry’s revenues to be about $4 billion. Unfortunately, the EPA’s “studies” have not kept pace.

For many homeowners, however, the EPA’s report poses the same crucial question: Would air duct cleaning be beneficial for my home?

For over a decade, in San Diego and now in Philadelphia, G&G Indoor Air Services has serviced thousands of HVAC units in thousands of homes and businesses. Our experience has taught us that most buildings benefit from air duct cleaning. However, we understand that each client’s concerns are unique.

When outdated studies do not tell the whole picture, trust an expert. Today, the air duct cleaning industry is a crucial ally for homes and businesses alike. Call Philadelphia’s most experienced air duct cleaning professionals, G&G Indoor Air Services, today.
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