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The air you breathe influences your health and well being. G & G Indoor Air Services has a simple goal: to make sure you breathe healthy air, free of environmental pollutants.

To protect families from pollutants, the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Air Duct Cleaners Association advise periodic air duct cleaning.

G & G Indoor Air Services specializes in air duct cleaning. Our Green Cleaning method will improve your home’s Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), freeing your HVAC system of dust and debris, bacteria and mold, and other damaging pollutants.

1. Over time, dust and debris clog your HVAC system,reducing heating and cooling efficiency, and polluting your air.
2. Parts of your HVAC system, like the coil, drain pen, and duct surfaces, collect moisture, establishing a hospitable environment for molds and mildew.
3. Recently remodeled or renovated homes are especially susceptible to clogged air ducts. Air duct cleaning is often required to clear excessive dust and debris.
4. Small animals, like rats or mice, can tear air ducts, compromising your HVAC unit’s functionality.
5. Periodic air duct cleaning guarantees your HVAC system’s efficiency. Replacing the air filter each month is not sufficient. Air duct cleaning reduces energy costs.

To be effective, air duct cleaning should include all elements of the HVAC system: the air vents, registers, and main air return supply as well as the condensation pipe, evaporator coil, drain pan, heat exchanger, and blower.

Some systems have been exposed to mold or mildew. In mold-compromised units, we use biocide materials to sanitize all necessary HVAC elements.

Attention to all elements of the HVAC system is the only way to guarantee healthy Indoor Air Quality. For families with allergies, asthma, and respiratory problems periodic maintenance is essential.

We pride ourselves on the knowledge and efficiency of our skilled technicians. We use powerful earth-friendly equipment to clean all elements of your HVAC system. Our technicians happily explain our process to each new customer. We believe educated customers are satisfied customers—and customer satisfaction is our purpose. If you have any concerns about any aspect of our process, please do not hesitate to ask our skilled technicians questions.

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