To Prevent a Possible Fire, Clean Your Dryer Vent

Earlier this summerThe USA Today offered readers a chance “to meet the artist behind the 30-gallon dryer lint LeBron James sculpture.” Sandy Buffie, of Cleveland, makes her sculptures from dryer lint—30 pounds for the James piece—and glue. To collect materials, “she solicits dryer lint through social media,” and people “put it in the mail and leave it on her doorstep.”

Buffie’s relative success may have implications for art, but at G&G Indoor Air Services we’re more interested in her choice material: dryer lint. Although Buffie’s fans put their dryer lint to good use, most homeowners do not understand that excessive dryer lint can cause serious problems.

Do youproperly extinguish all cooking and candle flames? Do you replacebad wiring?Are you careful not to place flammable objects near heating equipment?

Why not take similar precautions to avoid dryer fires? After all, a Consumer Product Safety Commission’s fire report, from 2012, revealed that clothes dryers account for 5,100 fires each year—at a cost of $80.1 million in property loss!

How can you prevent a potential fire?

The answer is simple: By cleaning lint and other debris from the dryer and its parts. Unfortunately, for most homeowners, dryer lint and debris is “out of sight, out of mind.”

But as Angie, of Angie’s List, writes, “lint builds up in more places than most homeowners realize. It’s in the lint trap housing, the interior dryer duct, the dryer vent and even the dryer itself.”

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Angie does not advocate a do-it-yourself approach. In fact, DIY can create more problems, especially “if the homeowner inadvertently compacts some of the lint, which can create a blockage.”

A professional duct cleaning company, like the Doylestown’s G&G Indoor Air Services, can clean all components of the dryer, including the lint trap, duct, and vent. To learn more, call today:
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