Electrostatic Air Filters

G & G Indoor Air Services provides select indoor air products. We believe our earth-friendly products are the best option for maintaining a clean home, free of dust, pollutants, and contaminants. If you are interested in purchasing ourearth-friendly maintenance products, please contact us today.

Our durable, washable filters include a life-time guarantee.

Do air filter prices alarm you? Despite the sticker shock, many homeowners buy new air filters every few months. We believe there is a better way to keep your home dust free: Replace your disposable air filters with a washable electrostatic filter.

An electrostatic filter harnesses the power of static electricity to clean your air. As dusty air blows through the filter, friction between the air and filter positively charges the particles. The charged particles then bond to the deeper layers of the filter.

Maintenance is simple: Depending on your home’s particle levels, your electrostatic filter will need to be washed every four to six weeks.

Product Features:
• Catches 95% of your home’s dust and allergens
• Eliminates large particles, like mold spores and pet hair
• Easy maintenance: Simply wash and reinstall
• A simple, cost-saving replacement for disposable air filters
• Lifetime guarantee

Electrostatic Air Filters