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In 2016, in the City of Brotherly Love, pollution caused at least 126 premature deaths and hundreds of hospitalizations. As reported last year, the nationwide problem, especially in places like Los Angeles, the most polluted city in America, is worse—yet Philadelphia, and the rest of Pennsylvania “has a long, long way to go.”

Reports like this often focus on the ill effects of outdoor air pollution, and for most Philadelphians the phrase “air pollution” conjures images of the haze over the William Penn statue, cars lurching and honking on the Schuylkill Expressway, and fumes spewing into the city skyline.

But outdoor air pollution (also known as ambient air pollution) may not even be the most harmful pollution for human health. Last year, CNBC cited a study published in Science of the Total Environment, which revealed that “indoor air pollution may be as much or more of a problem as pollution outdoors.”

Chemicals from household cleaners, mold and fungus pores, and everyday dust and debris contribute to indoor air pollution, which is often far worse than outdoor pollution.

The problem is amplified by ignorance. Most people, for example, do not comprehend why and how common household cleaners harm human health. For businesses, the problem is two-fold, with consequences for worker’s health and business solvency.

Sick building syndrome” is caused by indoor pollutants, which “increase sickness absenteeism and cause a decrease in productivity of the worker.”

So what can we do to clean our living and work environments? The scientists who published the study in Science of the Total Environment suggest installing “environmental sensors” in households and business offices to monitor indoor air quality.

But simply monitoring air quality will not clean the air.

G&G Indoor Air Services, a Philadelphia-area company, defeats indoor air pollution by cleaning HVAC systems of dust and debris, fungus spores, and chemical contaminants. To learn more about our Green Cleaning services, call today:
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