HVAC Air Purifiers

Ultraviolet light is nature’s best disinfectant. Hospitals use UV light to sterilize tools. Water purifiers often use UV light to destroy bacteria. And many food and drug companies use UV light to kill pathogens. In fact, some researchers believe UV light may one day replace pasteurization.

UV light can also purify your home’s air. For our HVAC UV Air Purification System, we harness the disinfectant power of UV light to destroy airborne microbes like bacteria and mold.

Product Details:
• Trouble-free Installation: Our UV Light System is simple to install into your home’s ductwork.
• Powerful Bulbs: As circulating air enters our UV Light System, robust 36-watt ultraviolet bulbskill airborne microbes.
• Life-Changing Results: Our HVAC Air Purifier will improve your home’s Indoor Air Quality, mitigating the effects of disease-causing microbes, liberating you and your family from allergies and sinus problems.

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HVAC Air Purifiers