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The term “HVAC system” refers to the elements in your home that provide heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC).

Different HVAC systems provide different features. Some systems provide heating but no ventilation or cooling; some provide heating, cooling, and humidity control. These features are dependent on many factors, including the age of your property, building codes, and local climate.

In the Philadelphia area, for example, many homeowners decide to install ventilation systems or whole-house dehumidifiers to control excessive humidity. Elsewhere, in dry climates, homeowners may install humidification systems to add moisture to excessively dry air.

HVAC Cleaning Companies

HVAC cleaners, like G&G Indoor Air Services of Langhorne, often service all components of the HVAC system including air ducts, vents, and separate air conditioning components.

Modern HVAC systems use sophisticated elements to supply appropriate heating, cooling, and ventilation to your home. If you own a modern system, and you need HVAC cleaning, you should hire an experienced HVAC cleaning company to assure the integrity of your system.

Older HVAC systems, of course, often present more complex challenges, so make sure you ask any potential HVAC cleaning company, “Do you have experience with older HVAC systems?”

In either case, a reputable HVAC cleaning company should offer a precise estimate and describe the cleaning process before the work is done. As one of many positive Yelp reviewers said of G&G Indoor Air Services: “Gabriel called to let me know when he’d be here, and he was exactly on time. He...explained everything that he did before he did it, and left my home cleaner than he found it.”

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