Is Air Duct Mold a Serious Problem? recently (July, 2017) posted an article with an ominous headline: Is your head about to explode? Could be mold. The article’s premise, that the region is “thick with allergy-inducing mold spores,” overplays a simple truth: Mold is a perennial part of our environment, and mold grows in damp environments anywhere.

The article refers specifically to outdoor air, but mold is also common in indoor environments. However, the existence of household mold should not necessarily cause alarm—unless, of course, your head is exploding (with allergy symptoms).

Unfortunately, mold myths panic homeowners. In our experience at G&G Indoor Air Services, many homeowners express alarm about the mere existence of mold. Our most common customer query? Do I have mold in my ductwork?

Our answer is simple: Although mold likely exists in most homes, duct work mold is less common.

Before your head explodes, heed the wisdom of Angie Hicks of Angie’s List: “While it’s entirely possible that you do have mold in your air ducts, such claims are also a common scare tactic used by some less-than-scrupulous air duct cleaning companies, especially claims of toxic black mold.”

That said, mold in your air ducts is “entirely possible”—wherever wet conditions exist. We often find mold in air conditioning components, like the condensation pipe, evaporator coil, and drain pan.

The key to spotting and removing duct work mold is attention. Annual examinations can identify wet areas—and possible mold problems. If you do find mold, do not panic!

Some companies recommend “mold testing,” but the EPA does not recommend testing. Standards for mold levels do not exists—and “tests” only serve to frighten homeowners. The sight of mold is sufficient to create a protocol.

Do you have reason to suspect mold in your ductwork? If so, call a professional duct cleaning company, like G&G Indoor Air Services. To learn more about your air duct mold removal options in the Philadelphia area, call today.
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