Philadelphia Area: How to Safely Eradicate Mold from Your HVAC System

Do you have mold in your home? Many Philadelphia area homeowners are familiar with mold from home inspections, when inspectors look for visible signs of mold on walls and other surfaces. But many home inspections fail to discover hidden mold. Mold naturally exists outdoors, yet certain indoor spaces, like HVAC systems, provide ideal environments for mold to proliferate.

In a 2001 article, “The Dangers of Mold in Homes,” The New York Times quoted Jeffrey May, the author of “My House is Killing Me: The Home Guide for Families with Allergies and Asthma,” who says that mold needs four things to thrive: moisture, oxygen, a hospitable surface, and food.

In humid regions, like the Philadelphia area, central air conditioning removes indoor humidity, but over time excessive moisture—as well as dust and debris—can accumulate in the HVAC system. Beyond the ductwork, certain parts of the HVAC system, May notes, tend to collect excessive dust and moisture: “the air conditioning coil and its fiberglass lining, and the cabinet that houses the blower fan.”

Undetected mold in your HVAC system is a serious issue. Circulating mold spores can contribute to poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and may cause health problems like allergic reactions, brain fog, or respiratory issues, including asthma attacks or even serious lung damage.

Eradicating mold from the HVAC system requires a two-step process.

  1. Cleaning the ductwork as well as the air conditioning coil and blower fan.
  2. Assuring a mold-free HVAC system by installing an electrostatic air filter and UV air purifier.

G & G Indoor Air Services understands the importance of a mold-free environment. We service homes and businesses in the Philadelphia area with expertise and efficiency. Our simple, two-step process safely eradicates mold from HVAC systems. To learn more about our mold removal services, call today:
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